Thursday, May 29, 2008

Spring photos (complete with evidence of wildlife)...

Here are the latest pics of the house. You can see all the hard work Sean and his dad have done on the driveway - we now have proper road base down, so we no longer park in mud puddles when it rains :)

Here's a view of my little perennial bed - things are starting to grow:

and proof the bear is passing by from time to time - just outside our kitchen window:

More to come over the next few months, as we keep working on the outside.

Adieu pour maintenant!


Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas House...

We've had some snow here over the last few weeks, though it's all gone now. Still, it certainly put us in the Christmas spirit:

Happy Christmas!


Friday, November 23, 2007

Frosty morning...

We've had hard frosts the last few mornings - doesn't the house look lovely?

Teresa :)

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

All moved in now...

On Friday September 28, we moved into the house, at long last. Here are a few photos - I'll post more as the rest of the house gets set up:

The front of the house with the cedar doors:

The door from the deck:

The front hall:

The living room - with Chloe well ensconced on the love seat:

Another view of the living room - from the hallway:

and from the kitchen:

Sunrise through trees and fog:

The kitchen, with our cabinets from Kensington Cabinets here on the Coast:

The cats now feel quite at home here, as you can see in the following photos - Cleo is the black and white one, Chloe is the black one:

More soon!


Thursday, September 27, 2007

Latest photos...

Here are some assorted shots of the living room hardwood in progress.

Day One of hardwood:

Day Two of hardwood:

And a glimpse into my writing nook with desk now in place:

We're hoping to complete the move over the next couple of days. Sleeping here has been fun!


Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Well, we now have a stair rail, ceiling fans, woodstove, toilets, sinks and a stove and dishwasher. Our floor will go in some time this week, depending on when the subfloor is dry enough for it. Everyone cross their fingers it's sooner rather than later.

Sean and his dad also did landscaping work on the weekend, in the rain, no less. We really appreciate his dad's help with this :)

Here are a couple of shots of Sean surveying the results of their considerable efforts:

And now, the interior.

The main floor bathroom:

My stove, installed!!

The ensuite pedestal sink:

The stair rail:

And finally, the wood stove, doing its thing:

Smoke coming from the chimney:

More soon, I hope :)


Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Wow, has it been that long...

since I posted here? Things have changed quite a bit. We have paint in all the rooms, including one of the basement rooms where Sean and I did the work ourselves. And we now have trim started, a sink, toilets, shower fixtures, appliances and more. Final electrical and plumbing is happening this week and maybe next, depending. And most of the flooring is in too, which makes a huge difference to how things look. Below are some photos.

Trim in front hall:

Sink in the kitchen:

Another view of the sink, plus the dishwasher:

A somewhat fuzzy view of the late afternoon sun in my writing nook - I hadn't realized quite how bright it would be in there on a sunny day:

Paint and trim in the bedroom - you can see the doors for the walk-in closet and the ensuite:

Our toilet in the ensuite - yeah, the little things do thrill me at this point *g*:

View of the hearth pad in the living room - the hardwood is going in almost last, to avoid damage to it while the other work is happening:

A view of the kitchen from the staircase - the balustrade should go in soon.

Gutters - we need them here in rainy BC during the winter:

The house from the back: