Thursday, April 27, 2006

Got dem empty house blues...

yep - it's kinda weird, rattling around in this place with no furniture etc. The cats have adjusted, though - this morning we could hear them running, jumping and skidding around on the hardwood with complete abandon *g*.

We set out on our trek on Sunday morning - bright and early!! I'll be taking photos along the way and will post the first lot from my sister's in Saskatoon - we'll be spending three days there. It's been since Christmas of '04 since we've seen them, so it will be lots of fun - our nephews are now 8 and 5, while our niece is now 3. We hope to go to the zoo with them - it's actually more like an animal sanctuary, with wide open spaces for the majority of the animals to roam. Only the most dangerous are kept in cages - not really very good advertising if the wolf goes after a wee visitor!

Here's hoping we get good weather along the way :-) And as little construction traffic as possible.


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