Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Framing Day 26 - and we're done :)

Yep, framing is finally complete! It took five weeks exactly. Pretty cool. Hopefully roofing will start next week - there was a delay in getting the tiles and with the long weekend coming up...

Here are the last of the framing pics, taken this morning just after 7am. When we dropped by the site yesterday, the guys were still there and we didn't get back over in the evening. Hence my early morning visit.

Window box in the kitchen:

Window box from just inside door to the deck:

View up the stairs taken from the living room:

Another angle up the stairs:

View into the bedroom:

View into bedroom looking the other way:

View into bedroom from just outside on the landing:

Walk-in closet with walls completed:


Looking through into the bedroom from my office:

Two views of the writing (formerly book) nook:

Two views of the library/sitting area of my office:

Another view of the kitchen window box, this one taken from outside on the deck:

And finally, a view from behind, with the kitchen window box:


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