Friday, August 03, 2007

Drywall - day 2...

Lots of progress yesterday.

Let's start in the basement with Sean's workshop:

And here's the rec room - where we'll have the tv:

And now the main floor.

Front hall - taken from the living room:


Eating nook in kitchen:

Living room:

The pantry:

Spare room:

Main floor bathroom:

Laundry area (it's adjacent to the bathroom):

And now, back to the outside. The siding on the bay window side is now finished.

Here's a detail shot:

And the full effect:

Here's what it looks like from behind - they're almost finished with the window trim:

We're still hoping for doors this week.... but won't hold our breath.

Teresa :)

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Kathryn S said...

OMG! It's fabulous! I love it. And so much light! And being where you are, you don't have to worry about drapes if you don't want them. Oh, I'm so pleased for you guys!