Sunday, August 19, 2007


It's definitely September now before we'll move in. Still, not really that bad, considering. The mudder is about half-way through now - one coat done and sanded. We're hoping he'll be done for the painter to come in on the 27th, followed by the flooring guys and cabinetry installer during the first week of September.

Here are the latest pics.

Mid morning light in the living room on a sunny day:

The front of the house with almost all the siding done. That last bit will be done over the next couple of weeks. We're still waiting for our permanent doors to arrive, but the frames have been installed now:

Mudding in the Master Bedroom:

Library and writing nook:

Living room:


Front hall - with the temporary door (we're still waiting for the door we ordered to be delivered):

Sean's workshop:

Rec room:

Siding and soffit, around and above the master bedroom window:

View from behind:

I'll update again once the painting is done :)


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