Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Wow, has it been that long...

since I posted here? Things have changed quite a bit. We have paint in all the rooms, including one of the basement rooms where Sean and I did the work ourselves. And we now have trim started, a sink, toilets, shower fixtures, appliances and more. Final electrical and plumbing is happening this week and maybe next, depending. And most of the flooring is in too, which makes a huge difference to how things look. Below are some photos.

Trim in front hall:

Sink in the kitchen:

Another view of the sink, plus the dishwasher:

A somewhat fuzzy view of the late afternoon sun in my writing nook - I hadn't realized quite how bright it would be in there on a sunny day:

Paint and trim in the bedroom - you can see the doors for the walk-in closet and the ensuite:

Our toilet in the ensuite - yeah, the little things do thrill me at this point *g*:

View of the hearth pad in the living room - the hardwood is going in almost last, to avoid damage to it while the other work is happening:

A view of the kitchen from the staircase - the balustrade should go in soon.

Gutters - we need them here in rainy BC during the winter:

The house from the back:


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